What other people have to say about Red Leaves...

"Red Leaves drop four on the floor with Trouble in the City of Water, showing how much they've matured musically since 2006's All the Zombies EP. Then, the Austin trio was still finding its sound, dancing awkwardly. Here, on EP No. 3, the now-quartet combines its powers, locking into more structured rhythms and imbuing songs like "Ghost Paws" and "Deadweight" with lovely pop tones."- Audra Schroeder, The Austin Chronicle, January 2010

"...disquieting, experimental rockers...Red Leaves hides out in the dingy corners of Anglophilic post-punk..."- The Onion, October 2009

"Although they're drinking from the same well as instrumental-only bands like Friends of Dean Martinez, the original Calla, and Explosions in the Sky, Red Leaves utilizes a more accessible pop structure with distinct melodies, unexpected rhythms, and compelling lyrics & vocals awash in distortion. It's a potent combination that could put them at the top of Austin's Indie Music head, and ultimately earn them commercial success."- Marsha Mann, INsite Magazine, September 2008

"Often, you’ll find a dark and dissonant vibe in the sound of Austin low-fi indie trio Red Leaves, but they’ve got a knack for keeping it uptempo with surprising rhythm. There’s something infectious about melodic arrangements with a sharp post-punk attitude, conveying emotion without getting too sappy. Expect great things from this band..."- KUT 90.5 FM: Texas Music Matters, September 2008

“All the Zombies" jerks and twitches toward fresh, throbbing melody on opener “Dungeon Dance”... with predatory basslines and head-start guitars that are Pixies-fed and Texas grown. It’s almost as if each song is a color in a neon sign that screams: Dance, you heathens.”
-Audra Schroeder, The Austin Chronicle, July 2006

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